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(Швейцария) Speedtech Instruments specializes in portable electronic instruments that measure and monitor your environment. These include wind meters, weather meters, and patented pocket computers that use scientific formulas to give you the best times to go fishing, hunting, or exploring. Our portable wind meters meet NIST calibration standards, have been reviewed by experts in the field, and received industry awards. Our handheld Skymate wind meter introduced the jackknife case over 10 years ago and thousands of units are sold worldwide. Our new WindMate™ line also incorporates the jackknife case, but with the digital compass, it adds wind direction, cross/head/tail wind calculations. Our patented EDGE pocket computers have been field tested by consumers and received approval of the North American Fishing and Hunting Clubs. These units use solunar data plus the impact of barometric pressure to provide accurate feeding/activity predictions for your specific location to maximize your time outdoors. If you want to see how this works, click on Free Solunar Predictions above to access our solunar website.

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