Rock Pillars

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ABOUT US Everything started in the middle of Siberia, Russia on the rocks of Rock Pillars which are hidden in Taiga. They were always seeked for its pink granite by climbers and adventureres. As time was passing, a unique type of climbing was developped here, kind of bouldering but on 200m pillars. Group of local climbers started to produce first climbing shoes for themselves, they joined forces with rubber technicians and later also skilled shoe-makers. First shoes were produced in 1988. At that time young Evgeniy Ovtchinikov (famous picture of him in book Rock Stars by Heinz Zak, climbing in those first ROCK PILLARS on Rock Pillars) was training in them, 3 years later he went to compete in them for the first time to World Cup in Clusone, Italy, and finished suprisingly 3rd. I met Evgeniy at that time when he was first competing in Europe and after our climbing trip to Rock Pillars in Siberia, I started to participate on shoe development named after these legendary rocks. I was working as car engineer, and producing climbing harnesses as my hobby. It was a great challange for me to try to implement all my ideas and skills also into shoe development, immediatelly testing the results on competing climbers. To great successes of Evgeniy, another young climbers gathered in ROCK PILLARS climbing shoes – Elena Ovtchinikov, Salavat Rakhmetov, Olga Bibik, and others. In 1994 I have opened production site ROCK PILLARS in Czech Republic, country with long shoe-making history (Bata was born here). In the same year first climbing shoe collection was presented on the fisrt Outdoor fair in german Friedrichshafen. The serie production has started, and we have produced in more than 10 years several hundreds of thousand shoes and spread them worldwide. We continuously develop and immediatelly test original construction solutions, new lasts, sticky rubber. Great climbers are always close, places to climb as well. We have gathered long-term experience, and sponsored climbers reach great successes on rocks and competitions. Last year Tomas Mrazek awarded as with second consecutive World Champion difficulty title, and legendary veteran Salavat Rakhmetov added World Champion bouldering title.

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