BG Haute

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After the hugely successful launch of the SHERRI HILL Prom label in 2007 we are pleased to bring you the 2009 Prom Collection which has been renamed BGHAUTE. As we transition from SHERRI HILL to the new BG HAUTE label we want to assure you that the BG HAUTE collection is made in the same factories as our SHERRI Hill products and the Collection is even much stronger than our Prom 08 SHERRI HILL Collection. Awesome styling and quality are the hallmarks of this collection and stores across the United States are hailing it as one of the best and most complete Prom Collections this year. BG Haute is a division of Scala Eveningwear Inc which has been bringing you Social Occasion apparel for the last 24 years. We are humbled by the response and look forward to working closely with retailers to meet the needs of the girls who are looking for our beautiful styles. Prom girls who have seen the Collection are raving about it and their enthusiasm and delight in our styles is immensely gratifying. BG HAUTE is available in 56 countries including Canada, UK and Australia. We wish all our retailers much success for the Prom 2009 season and our very best wishes to all the girls who will be wearing BGHaute to their Prom

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