Leif Lowe

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Leif Lowe Leif Lowe with over 20 years of experience in manufacuring gifts and premiums. We develop a wide range of Brass/ Aluminum made products with our contemporary designs. And with our broad experience in production. We are proud to deliver consistently high quality goods from our factory in Asia. Leif Lowe offers a large selection of product in Brass/ aluminum. We can also accessorize these with alloy, leather, glass, wood, polystone and acrylic to product sailing ships, stationary sets, clocks, key chains, mirror cases, pill boxes, evening handbags and other fine gifts. We are proud to introduce our new series of classic sailing ships and nautical/ marine stationary and clocks. Our collection includes many world famous sailing ships such as British Golden Hind, American Ranger and many others. They are available in different finishes, sizes and styles. Diver helmet clocks, ship wheel card holders and porthole pen stands are included in our nautical series. Our classic sailing ships are all hand crafted and we are the first and only manufacturers of these in the world so far.

Cайт бренда (Компании):   www.leiflowe.com
Cтрана:   Индия