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DViCO Inc. is a global leader in the development of video products and multimedia storage products, and offers a complete lineup of multimedia players and a wide range of TV tuner cards for PC users. The innovative and cutting edge technology in the design and development of its products has brought about dramatic growth since its establishment in 1998. After DViCO was founded in 1998, it soon became one of the most innovative manufactures in multimedia players and TV tuner cards with the production of its revolutionary devices, and soon became one of the leading multimedia brands worldwide. The experience and expertise to combine both television and computer technology has made DViCO products highly adaptable to the constantly evolving IT industry. DViCO products are distinguished by its innovative features, manufacturing quality, functionality, and design. The rapid conversion of new trends into marketable devices, with the knowledge of highly motivated employees has made DViCO what it is today. DViCO’s sound reputation and significant market share has gained recognition among customers while branching distributors worldwide. Strong alliances have been formed in Australia, France, Japan, Sweden, England, Russia, Finland, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and so forth-all national distributors, with myriads of retailers and e-tailers.

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